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A Selfie Video Competition

Know More

Know More

Done with selfies? Now say it with video!
Either use any Video Editing Software or Download the Dubsmash App, discover amazing sounds and let your imagination take over!
Dub well-known quotes and sounds in order to produce funny videos you can then register here.
The video that grabs maximum votes on our YouTube channel wins!
Start dubbing folks.

Register Now


Create a Dubsmash video and Register here.

You can either Upload the video here or paste it's Youtube link.

Read all Rules carefully

Looking for ideas -

  • Dialogue of your
    favourite celebrity

  • Any funny or
    classic song

  • Famous

  • Let your
    creativity unfold


 1. The Dubsmash needs to be no longer than 30sec.

 2. You need to be 16-25 yrs of age.

 3. There shouldn't not be any violence in the video.

 4. Any breach of the above rules will see your entry disqualified.

 5. Once screened, your Dubsmash will be uploaded on Alma Fiesta's YouTube channel.

 6. Winners will be selected based on the votes for their video on Alma Fiesta's YouTube channel.

 7. You can share your video to gain popularity and to increase your chances of winning.

 8. The Winner will be announced on our Facebook and Instagram page.

 9. Any breach of the above rules will see your entry disqualified.

Note: You are free to use any video editing application/software or the official Dubsmash App to create your dubsmash.


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